Lunchtime Community Concert Series – Anna Cavaliero & William Cole

Anna Cavaliero, soprano, performs baroque works including music by Handel and Strozzi with William Cole, harpsichord, in the first of our 2020 concerts.

Monteverdi – ‘Deh, nasconditi, o Virtù’ from L’incoronazione di Poppea
Handel – La Lucrezia
Barbara Strozzi – ‘L’eraclito amoroso’
Monteverdi – ‘Signor, quel’infelice’ from L’Orfeo
Handel – ‘E pur così in un giorno … Piangerò la sorte mia’ from Giulio Cesare
Élisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre – ‘Lorsque l’amour nous en chaisne’ from Semele
Handel – ‘O thou bright sun … With darkness deep as is my woe’ and ‘But why art thou disquieted … O that I on wings could rise’ from Theodora
Handel – ‘L’amor ed il destin’ from Partenope

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