CMF Artist Development Programme

turning talent into success

CMF develops, promotes and manages exceptionally talented emerging solo performers and ensembles early in their careers.

From an ever-growing number of very talented applicants we select a cohort of performers each year who we believe have the potential to become the most sought after soloists and ensembles of their generation.

CMF Artists benefit day to day from the experience and expertise of the CMF Team, and the extensive network of music industry professionals and established professional musicians who support us.

Over two years the problems, questions and fears of our artists are addressed as they become proficient in the non-musical skills they need to help secure their careers. At the same time our Artist Management team fixes performances nationwide and negotiates full professional fees, in addition to opportunities in concerts promote by CMF and through our multiple partnerships.

Anxieties of a young professional musician

How will anyone even know I exist?

I need a website and social – but where do I start?

I need to write a bio. How do I make myself sound amazing?

I need quality photos… videos of me playing…

I need paying gigs – but nobody’s heard of me!

I just met a promoter at a concert – and managed to say nothing about me!

Finally I have a gig! Now what kind of fee do I ask for?

I have to promote my gig! Email? Social media? Radio?

I’ve finally earned some money! Now do I need to pay tax?

I’m so worried! I can barely pay the bills let alone buy concert clothes

My website’s out of date – it looks like I do nothing!

I’ve split with my duo partner. I love music but I hate this!

The CMF Artist Development Programme includes:


Artists take part in a series of high profile concerts together arranged and promoted by CMF

Our performance programme


One-to-one expert artistic and business mentoring designed around each artist’s needs

The mentoring programme 



New works and arrangements commissioned and premiered, working with fellow artists and established names

Commissioning new work



Our networking meetings bring artists and experts together to explore ways to approach a huge range of career issues

Networking meetings with our professional guides

CD and video recordings

Funding and publishing studio and live recording to open up additional income streams

Recording CDs and videos


Giving our artists a head start in self-promotion with photography, videos and websites

Skills for media and marketing

Agency & management

Active representation ensures maximum exposure and lucrative bookings for CMF artists. 

CMF agency and management


In person and zoom coaching from performance and musical experts worldwide.