Piano Phase Project

Piano Phase Project is a piano duo creating musical installations in contemporary settings, giving the audience an insight into a new format of classical music concerts, with opportunity for listeners to become participants. This liberal and democratic presentation of music allows listeners to freely move around the space and experience a classical music concert in a completely new environment and fresh, forward-thinking approach.  

Since 2020, Anna Szałucka and Monika Lozinskienė have curated and performed three original installations: Piano Phase, Summertime and Sound Meditation. They collaborate with dancers, visual artists, podcasters and broader media as they spread the message and talk about issues important to them: inclusivity, collaboration and perception of music. Their most recent performances include the Classical:NEXT appearance in Hannover, installations at the Mo Museum and Rotary Club in Vilnius as well as the Bloomsbury Festival in London.  


2023 will see the development of the Summertime installations into a full-scale cross-arts show, working with contemporary circus performer Marija Baranauskaitė, as well as director Markas Liberman. This particular performance explores the interwar Art Deco period in Lithuania through elements of jazz, classical music, clowning and buffoonery.  


Most of the music performed by the duo are original arrangements and transcriptions, to allow for the combination of multiple branches of classical music and contemporary arts to be performed in unusual and unexpected spaces.