Harriet Burns and Lotte Betts Dean to perform in Oxford International Song Festival

Two CMF Artists, Harriet Burns and Lotte Betts Dean, will perform at Oxford International Song Festival.

Anna Cavaliero – Voice Electric

Lotte Betts-Dean is fast establishing herself as one of today’s most creative and exciting voices. Together with video artist Purple Taiko, Lotte developed this show for solo voice, electronics and vintage CRT monitors for Britten Pears Arts’ Festival of New last year. VOICE ELECTRIC includes groundbreaking works by Luigi Nono and Kurt Schwitters alongside newer works by Kaija Saariaho, Erin Gee, Stuart MacRae and Mathis Saunier. Using analogue processing and effects to create a visual collage of lo-fi imagery, textures and colour, Purple Taiko’s visuals complete a thrilling evening.

18th October 2023

The Levine Building, Trinity College, Oxford

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Anna Cavaliero – Concerto Grosso

With performers Lotte Betts-Dean, Joanna MacGregor & Samuel West and music by Tom Phillips, including his own graphic scores; music that inspired his artworks, including by Eric Satie and John Cage; and music that he loved, including songs by Schubert and Schumann.

17th October 2023

Holywell Music Room, Oxford

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Harriet Burns – The Mendelssohns

Both Fanny and Felix Mendelssohn wrote a plethora of sumptuous songs. This lunchtime concert, leading on from this morning’s look at manuscripts and paintings, illuminates the sometimes complex relationship between the siblings, and features some of their finest and most personal works.

The Artists Pianist Eugene Asti is well known to festival audiences as ‘a model partner, commentator and animator’ (Gramophone). He’s joined by two former Oxford Song Young Artists, soprano Harriet Burns and tenor Alessandro Fisher, both now enjoying soaring careers.

24th October 2023

Holywell Music Room, Oxford

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