Spotlight on Bridie Jackson and the Arbour

Our interview this month is with Bridie Jackson and the Arbour ahead of their performance as part of CMF’s Rhyme & Reason concert series on Wednesday 8th April.

What has been a performance highlight in your career so far?
We had an absolutely amazing time performing at Glastonbury 2013, so that’s a highlight for all of us.

What is coming up in the diary that you are most looking forward to?
We are performing with friends of ours, Tessera Skies, at Sage Gateshead on 22nd May as part of an Amazing Radio showcase gig. There’s also a few festivals coming up that we are really looking forward to, including Spitalfields Festival in June.

Do you have a favourite performer?
Although we have quite different musical tastes, there are a few artists we all really love, including Tune Yards. She is absolutely fantastic live, both musically and in the way she really puts on a show that’s engaging in every way.

What type of concerts/gigs do you regularly attend?
All sorts. Bridie goes to a wide range of concerts, from opera to electro, Rachel likes to attend folk gigs and sessions, Carol never misses a Nick Cave concert, and Jenny tries see a lot of local emerging bands in Newcastle as we think it’s important to support the local scene.

How did you find out about the CMF and why did you decide to apply?
We were nominated by Ros Rigby from Sage Gateshead and it sounded like a great opportunity to get support for our future projects.

What are your hopes for the future?
We hope to spend the rest of this year working on new repertoire, with a view to bringing out a new album next year.

Finally, your 4 desert island discs?
Jenny- Paul Simon – Graceland
Rachel- Elbow- One Day Like This
Bridie- Sigur Ros- Hoppipola
Carol- Nick Cave – 15 feet of pure white snow


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