Rave Reviews for Alastair Penman’s Electric Dawn

Alastair Penman’s Electric Dawn has received wonderful reviews from musical magazines and blogs.

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“Alastair Penman created surpassingly beautiful music… The record is excellent…Each piece had a perfection of its own and the combination of sax and electronics never sounded cluttered but pure and diamond-sharp, tonally burnished and singing free on both instruments…Thanks to RNCM for a masterpiece of programming.”
Review by Peter Fay of Electric Dawn Live Performance at the RNCM Saxophone Day 2015

“Throughout, Penman’s saxophone playing is exemplary and the whole makes an appealing and intriguing disc which successfully mixes Penman’s live saxophone with the electronics to create something rather different. Displaying Penman’s virtuosity, the music on the disc encompasses a wide range of style.”
4-star review of Electric Dawn by Robert Hugill, planethugill.com (Full review here)

“Penman is a pioneering instrumentalist and writer who is creating music that explores new territory. The use of electronic programming teases out new sounds within the conventional solo-saxophone canon, creating ethereal soundscapes and an all together surprising interplay throughout the record…He could go in many different directions from here, and the jazz/electronic/music world will be all the richer for it….There’s much to extract from this record, and equally much to enjoy as a cohesive and triumphantly experimental debut.”
Review of Electric Dawn by The Prickle (Full review here)

“…it really is a wonderfully eclectic mix of genres, moods, instrumentation and effects, all centred around the unmistakeable sound of the saxophone.”
Jim Paterson, mfiles.co.uk


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