Lunchtime Concert at Bart’s Great Hall – Reylon Yount

Yangqin player Reylon Yount performed at The Great Hall, Barts Heritage. This concert had an in-person audience, following all social-distancing guidelines in place at the time of the event. The concert was also be filmed and broadcast live.

*Watch the concert again here*

METAMORPHOSIS is a genre-bending concert that explores fluidity as a healing response to fragmentation. In this chameleonic performance, trailblazing yangqin (Chinese hammered dulcimer) player, Reylon Yount, flows through a spectrum of sound worlds: traditional and contemporary Chinese, Western classical, ambient, dreamfolk and pop music. Inflected with new arrangements and an original song, this enchanting programme weaves together repertoire from Chinese, French and British cultures – including music from Wang Se, Gabriel Fauré, Brian Eno and Annie Lennox – into a surprising yet seamless arc. Borne by the yangqin’s iridescent colours and the support of talented guest artists, Reylon lures listeners into a space beyond familiar boundaries of genre and geography, inspiring a sense of openness and wonder.


《旱天雷》Thunder After the Drought – Yan Laolie Reylon (Solo Yangqin)
《⼤浪淘沙》Great Waves Tossing the Sand – Hua Yanjun ft Romi Yount (guzheng)
En Sourdine – Gabriel Fauré (arr. Reylon, George Fu & Michelle Chow) ft Michelle Chow (piano)
《落花、夜》Falling Flowers, Night – Wang Se ft Michelle Chow (piano)
Memory of 1/1 – Brian Eno (Group Improvisation) ft Romi Yount (guzheng), Aliayta Foon-Dancoes (violin), Dave Shaw (viola), Eliza Millett (cello), Jordan Murray (hand percussion)
《瑤族舞曲》 Yao Dance – Liu Tieshan, Mao Yu ft Romi Yount (guzheng)
Strange – Reylon Reylon (Solo Yangqin)
Weather Balloon – Reylon ft Eden (backing vocals)
Night and Day – Reylon ft Eden (backing vocals), Romi (guzheng), Michelle Chow (piano), Aliayta Foon-Dancoes (violin), Dave Shaw (viola), Eliza Millett (cello), Jordan Murray (hand percussion)

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