Ligeti Quartet x Anna Meredith ‘Tuggemo’ by Ewan Jones Morris

Ligeti Quartet

The first release from the collaboration between Ligeti Quartet, a contemporary/new music string quartet, and composer/producer Anna Meredith, on upcoming album Nuc, comes with a hypnotic animated visual from Ewan Jones Morris, offering a stylised vision of the natural world.

The music is a fresh arrangement of Meredith’s composition Tuggemo – an old word for a swarm of insects. And Jones Morris creates an evolving animation around that – growth, insects, disco bugs, spores…

There are certainly lots of creepy crawlies – and like his recent video for Hotel Lux, Jones Morris used AI to augment his own work.

“I created images then fed them into AI which gave me variations and then used those images to animate,” he says.

The Ligeti Quartet is dedicated to performing modern and contemporary music, commissioning new works, and engaging a diverse audience. Formed in 2010, they were united by their fascination with the music of György Ligeti, and have since established a reputation as leading exponents of new music.


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