Emily Sun interviewed on ABC’s Classical Drive

Emily Sun violin

CMF Artist Emily Sun joins Russell Torrance this Harmony Day to discuss her experiences of multiculturalism, and the importance of music being a universal language.

Emily and Russell spoke about Emily’s father, who was a professional violinist and composer in China. He loved Western Classical music and used to find ways to perform and practice it during the strict regime in China, where it was banned. Her mother was also a Western Classical music fan, and together they used to host secret listening sessions in their home where they soundproofed the room using carpets and blankets so the neighbours wouldn’t hear the sounds of Beethoven.

After her parents moved to Australia in 1987, her father continued composing, often writing in Chinese styles and themes that were familiar to his childhood and university days. Emily shares the story of how her father founded the East-West Philharmonic Orchestra in Australia, consisting of Chinese musicians, a lot of which were professional musicians in China, but now working in roles in factories. He raised funds so that this group of people could perform and finally have an outlet to share their passion for music and perform together. 

Equally at home in recital and in front of an orchestra, Australian violinist Emily Sun was the winner of the 2018 ABC Young Performers Award, which will see her perform concertos with the Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide Symphony Orchestras in the coming seasons.


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