CMF 2016 Artists

Each year, City Music Foundation opens their applications to find the next lot of City Music Foundation Artists. This year, with more applications than ever, we had a lot of work on our hands whittling them down to a more manageable 25 or so to audition in person.

With the finalists selected, the judges on their way and the lunches booked, we headed to the 1901 Arts Club in Waterloo for two days of auditions. It’s non-stop from the first morning with applicants coming and going with a surprising lack of apprehension; and by the end of day 1 there are people beginning to stick out in our judges’ minds. CMF do not believe in simply rating each candidate and letting it be a numbers game, the judges deliberate, discuss and decide between each other who succeeds with an large element of flexibility and most importantly dialogue.

By the end of day 2 it is settled and the new 2016 artists have been chosen.

The first step after auditions is to inform the successful candidates and begin preparations for the official announcement of 2016 artists. When artists join the scheme they are welcomed with a reception so the artists have the chance to meet us and each other before their work really begins. Before this however, CMF have to get the photoshoot done, the reception booked and the plans for each artist set in motion. Within the first few months they have their first professional development workshop with leading figures in the both the music industry and the City. Their mentors have to be organised and arranged so that each artist can get started as soon as possible.

That is where we are at right now, here at CMF, so keep an eye out here, Twitter and Facebook and join our mailing list here for the official announcement of the new 2016 City Music Foundation Artists. Each one unique and ready to start the next stage of their professional career, we are very excited to be welcoming them to City Music Foundation.


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